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Thursday, 29 December 2016

13 apps that make passive income without any work [Video]

13 apps that make passive income without any work

In this video, you will learn about 13 apps that make passive income without any work or time put in.
To make money from your smartphone, you don't have to take countless surveys, watch video trailers, download apps, etc. 

With these apps, you can do absolutely nothing after setting them up and just make residual income from then on. Enjoy the video!

1. SlideJoy - Lock Screen Cash
2. Panel App
3. Adme - Lockscreen Cash Reward
4. SavvyConnect
5. Neilsen Mobile
6. Media Insiders
7. Cross Media Panel
8. SmartphoneMate
9. DataCoup
10. MobileXpression
11. Fronto
12. SurveyCow
13. Unlock & Win!
14. Bonus: Google Opinion Reward

Watch Video Bellow:

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Sunday, 25 December 2016

10 Ecommerce Experts Share Their 2017 Marketing Predictions

Business Models, and Brand Preference: 10 Ecommerce Experts Share Their 2017 Marketing Predictions


DigitalMarketer’s Director of Communications, Christine Haas, sat down with 10 ecommerce experts to find out what changes ecommerce business owners and marketers can anticipate in the coming year.
What does the landscape look like in 2017?
We’ll give you a hint: mobile, new business models, brand preference (among many other changes).
Before you launch your 2017 initiatives, you need to watch this video.
Meet our panel sharing their ecommerce marketing predictions:
  • Eugene Laney, DHL
  • Rhabia Kahlil Mainwaring, Google

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Friday, 16 December 2016

Merry Christmas from CP1 Records

Merry Christmas from CP1 Records

May your Christmas sparkle with moments of love, laughter and goodwill, 
And may the year ahead be full of contentment and joy. 
Have a Merry Christmas.

Money Christmas Riddim

Xrated Xmas Riddim

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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

7 Music Marketing Truths ALL Musicians Should Know

7 Music Marketing Truths ALL Musicians Should Know


It’s because of this that many don’t get where they could have otherwise been, and why they struggle to make sales, get gigs, and generally move their music career forward in any meaningful way.
The good news however, is if you’re willing to put in the work, it’s possible to learn how to market your music. 
There are plenty of guides which show you how to do that on both Music Think Tank and on my site Music Industry How To.
Before you learn specific tactics for marketing your music though, it’s important you get a good idea of what music marketing is and isn’t. There are a lot of common misconceptions about this among musicians, so have a read of the below to see some truths about what it all entails. I truly hope it gets you on the right path when it comes to how you approach the promotion of your music.

1. Marketing Your Music Is Necessary, But Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult
As someone who speaks to musicians almost on a daily basis, I know that many have the feeling that marketing their music is going to be difficult. This is an understandable fear; most people get in the music industry for the love of the music, and don’t think they’ll ever have to learn how to market in order for them to get their music heard.
That said, if you do want to get your music heard, marketing is a necessary part of things. The good news though, is promoting your music doesn’t have to be hard. Pretty much all of it can be learned, and it doesn’t require a degree in science or maths to put into place a solid promotion plan for your music career. As long as you’re willing to learn and put the work in where needed, after a while marketing your music should become second nature to you. Who knows, you may even start finding it fun. :)

2. Music Marketing Is All About Raising Awareness
A lot of musicians when starting out feel like if they make their music good enough, they will get noticed. That all they have to do is record a good album, make it available to people in stores (or somewhere online) and their music will start making sales and getting downloads.
While I can see why people would think this, it’s far from the truth! Anyone who’s tried this tactic before will know that this isn’t the case. All that happens is you make 0 or very few sales.
Being talented and letting people know about your talent are two very different things. As well as making music that people actually want to listen to, you need to get them to give you a listen in the first place. After all, how will people know you’re talented if they don’t give you that initial chance?
New acts are coming out all the time fighting for people attention, to the stage where if you tell people online you make music and give them a free copy of your new album, most people won’t even download it. It’s because of this that you need to convince people your music is worth trying out. This is what music marketing is!
By marketing your music you’re doing two things:
  1. You’re showing people that your music exists, and
  2. You’re convincing people to give it a try.
If these two things don’t happen, don’t expect your next release to do very well.

3. Marketing Is Often Most Effective When It’s A Two Way Process
While some of things you do to market your music will only involve one way interaction (you relaying a message to fans and potential fans), things will really start taking off for you when you make this interaction with fans two way. By this I mean you don’t always want to be relaying messages to them and then shutting your ears. When you update your social sites for example, as you get more followers, chances are people will often reply to something you’ve said. They want to continue the conversation you started.
What I often see however, are fans replying on musician’s walls, but the musicians not replying in return. Even if they’re asked a reasonable question. While the affect of this won’t be as big if you’re always gaining new fans and have a very big fanbase, when you’re still in the growing stage, replying to the majority of your fans will help you grow a lot quicker.
By getting them involved in your music career, you’re creating more loyal fans who will stick around for a lot longer. When you speak to them, you make them feel like they’re part of your journey. Because of this they’re more likely to support and share what you do.
If you didn’t reply to them however, it’d be more likely they’d become frustrated trying to talk to you, and you continually ignoring them. If then another musicians was giving them more attention, it’s very likely they’d continue following and supporting them instead.
While marketing doesn’t always have to be two way, if you don’t implement a two way dialog somewhere in your music career, you’re going to find it a lot more difficult to build up a fanbase than those musicians who do.

4. The Marketing Of Your Music Is An On Going Requirement
This is a big one. As well as being aware that it’s important to market your music, it’s also important to realize the amount of time and effort that goes into this process. Most people initially think that the marketing process should start when you’re about to release your next album or single, and should end before you start working on your next project. This isn’t strictly true.
The marketing of your music should begin as soon as you’ve a good level of talent to promote. While the degree of marketing you undertake at the time will depend on what exactly you have to promote and what else you have on your plate, marketing should be an ongoing process for as long as you’re trying to become a more successful musician.
In my free ‘Introduction To Music Marketing’ ebook, I look at how much you should market your music depending on what your aims are in your music career (among many other things). So if you want a better idea on how much you should focus on this side of things, give that a read.

5. Getting Others Involved Will Make Your Marketing Efforts A Lot Easier
While music marketing isn’t that difficult once you know how to do it, it still requires a lot of time and energy to do it to the extent needed to make consistent money from your music. Often, doing all the marketing needed alone can lead to much slower progress, frustration, and possibly burnout.
The solution? Getting others involved with the promotion process!
This can be in the form of getting your fans to help you out, hiring a marketing team or knowledgeable individual, or eventually letting a record label largely handling that side of things for you (although it’s still important you learn how to promote your music too so you know if the label is taking things in the right direction for you).
More hands make lighter work; it’s not a good idea to do everything by yourself once you know you have something that people will really take too, So get others involved once your talent level is at a good level and you know what direction you should be heading in.
That said…

6. Initially, No One Will Help You!
That’s right. When you’re a new independent musician, you won’t get much outside help. Ok, so you might get some help from a friend who likes your music, but other than that, don’t rely on record labels or fans to help you promote your music. Why’s that? Simple, because record labels don’t generally work with unproven musicians, and you won’t yet have a fan base at this stage.
In order to move things forward for yourself, you’ll need to learn to market your music, and increase your status all by yourself. Once you’ve done this and have something to show for your efforts (gigs under your belt, being covered in respected place etc), then it’ll become a lot easier to get people to help you push your music further.

7. If You Only Promote Your Music Online You’re Losing Out
Lastly, don’t only promote your music online! I know the internet has made it easy to sit and promote your music from the comfort of your own home. That said, if you only market your music offline, you’re missing out on a load of other worthwhile opportunities!
Gigging is one of the biggest reasons you shouldn’t stick to online music marketing methods. By gigging, you get to connect face to face with your audience, make instant money by selling merch and physical CDs (a lot of gig goers still buy them), and make money from royalties.
Another thing you’ll want to do offline is chase up opportunities. Email can be a slow process, but when dealing with companies, often a phone call or going to see them in person can speed things up considerably. Not only that, but you have the chance to potentially connect with them in ways others who go through email simply won’t.
Of course, these aren’t the only ways to promote your music offline. Don’t focus strictly on online music marketing, as working within your comfort zone will most likely slow things down for you in terms of progress. So give offline music marketing a go too.

7 Music Marketing Truths, Conclusion
So there you have it, 7 truths you really should know about marketing your music.
These things are important to know before you start implementing specific music marketing strategies, as even the most powerful promotion methods will become less effective if you don’t know when and how to use them.
If you want to learn more about music marketing and how to effectively start pushing your music out there, I suggest you download my free ‘Introduction To Music Marketing’ ebook. Here you’ll get all the information you need to have a good ground knowledge on what it takes to successfully market your music, so if you haven’t read it already, give it a go.
If you found this guide useful, please give it a share. And if you have any other music marketing tips you’ve learned from experience, feel free to share them in the comments section below.


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Thursday, 1 December 2016

How to Use Twitter for Your Brand: Music Marketing 101

10 Tips for Effective Content Marketing on Twitter

How to Use Twitter for Your Brand
If you want Twitter to be a successful tool for your business, you need to have a plan before you start tweeting away.
Even the most eloquently-crafted 140-character posts will not attract followers and achieve real results on their own. Creating and implementing a smart content strategy will go a long way to keep your Twitter account focused on your business objectives and directed at your target audience.

1  Lay out your goals: You’ll have more success creating effective tweets if you know why you are tweeting. Your posts should support your business goals for using Twitter. Start by answering a basic question: What are you trying to do? The answer may be build brand awareness, promote thought leadership or generate leads. Make sure your content supports those goals.

2  Target your audience: Before posting any tweet, ask yourself: “What information does my target audience want and do they care about this message?” It’s a good idea to tweet about topics you’ve seen resonate with your followers in the past. These easy tricks can help you acquire a more targeted following.

3  Find your voice: Central to building a brand presence on any social media platform is having a personality. How do you want followers to perceive your brand? Are you fun, creative, humorous? You convey that personality by picking the best voice and tone and staying consistent.

4  Get creative with #hashtags: You’ve seen them, but do you know to use them? Hashtags are keywords or phrases that help your posts reach the right people. Research the most popular hashtags related to your industry. Once you’re established on Twitter, you can even create your own hashtags.

5  Use visuals: Stop thinking about Twitter as a space that only allows text. Uploading images, GIFs and videos help your posts stand out and increase engagement significantly.

6  Develop an editorial calendar: Feeling overwhelmed with the need to post to Twitter, Facebook, your blog and so on? Editorial calendars help you get organized and post regularly on a schedule, so you don’t fall behind.

7  Be interactive: By nature, social media isn’t supposed to be a one-way conversation. Make sure you are giving back to your followers by responding to them, re-tweeting them, etc. If you tweet content from other sources (besides your own blog), be sure to mention and tag authors and publications.

8  Engage with influencers: Identify a list of reputable individuals or businesses with a particular expertise that’s relevant to your brand. When an opportunity arises to reply or retweet, take it! You can also keep an eye on what the industry experts are tweeting and mention them in tweets you feel they’d be interested in.

9  Use a clear call to action: The best way to achieve a direct response is to be explicit. If you have only 140 characters, don’t be coy or shy. “Read more at our blog” or “Visit our online store” are effective approaches when you pair them with a compelling reason why: “Get ready for summer. We’re offering 20 percent off all sandals today. Visit our online store.”

10          Keep It Simple
         This one goes without saying, since the hallmark of Twitter since its launch was the 140-character-limit. You may feel the squeeze to stay within those boundaries, but know this: Shorter Tweets – 140 characters or less – get more conversions. That’s according to Twitter’s own best practices guide.

And a bonus 11th tip:
Pay to promote your Tweets: Even a small investment in paid social can help drive traffic. Promote tweets with high engagement rates to extend your reach and continue providing your target audience with particularly engaging content.


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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

SYMUZE: Sync Licensing Music Catalogue

The go-to music playlist for music supervisors.

Music Catalogue Coming Soon!

Some great songs for your project/s:

#playlist #synclicensing #songs #placements #TV #film #productions

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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Audio Inverse Filter for YouTube

Audio Inverse Filter

Bruce Wiggins, lecturer for Electronics and Sound at the University of Derby, UK released a inverse filter IR which aims to equalize the coloring that happens due to the different HRTFs used by Youtube for content delivery.
You can read the full article on Bruce Wiggin’s blog.

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Thursday, 6 October 2016

3 Secret Steps To Fame

Well as you can see they are not really secrets but none the less these steps can help you to get famous.

1. Create and maintain a buzz or hype around your name and skill.
Be the talk of the town and keep them talking.

2. Always market and promote yourself like a brand. Branding will help to cement your name and image in the heart and mind of people.

3. Have a consistent presence
This can be in your city or online but always be present, especially when you just comimg up; so people won't forget about you.

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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

4 Tips for Success from a Millionaire Serial Entrepreneur

1. Embrace Rejection
Expect Rejection (this does not mean accept it), and never take no for an answer.

2. Value Relationships
With colleagues and employees. Don't burn bridges.

3. Create a Map
Ideas are not enough, you need to have a strong clear business plan.

4. Know Your Numbers
In business results are results and results are the most important metric.


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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

6 Quick Music Promotion Tips For Musicians

Don't get lost in the noise, stand out from the crowed by using every opportunity you get to promote your works. Do not leave it to chance.

1. Word of mouth
Tell friends, families and anyone that will listen. Just get the information about you out there.

2. Gig as often as possible
Go to open mic venues and perform and show off your talent, this is a great way to hone your skills as well as generate a buzz amd build a fan base.

3. Have a dedicated website
Have a website with your works and booking information. Having an online presence will give your fans as well as potential fans 24/7 access to your music.

4. Write a blog
Blogging is a great way to generate interest, create a following and show off your works.

5 Dominate social media
Don't be afraid to share your works, but also do not spam. Try and have balanced. Tweet, Post on facebook regularly, but remember: interaction in key.

6. Use Video
Make video and post them on all platform that allows video. Videos are the best way to get your message across as we are living in an era where younger people prefer to watch a vlog than read a blog. Make use of: YouTube, vimeo, twitter, facebook etc.

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Saturday, 1 October 2016

5 Music Career Advice Videos You Should Watch: Music Business 101

Here Are  Some Awesome Music Career Advice Videos.

1. My Best Music Career Advice EVER!

2. Music Industry (Top 5 Tips - Nick Gatfield, Sony Music)

3. Neil Portnow on Starting a Career in the Music Industry

4. How to make a career in music: 6 Tips for Freelance Musicians - Emily Davidson, baroque cello

5. Advice for artists - Pull the trigger on your independent music career

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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Accelerated Learning: How To Get Good at Anything in 20 Hours [Video]

1. Decide what you want (What's your target performance level)

2. Deconstructing the skill (Separate it into smaller sub-skills amd practice the most important one first)

3. Research the skill just enough to do the deconstruction and choose the most important sub-skills (but not so much that it becomes a barrier to practice)

4. Eliminate barriers to practice (make it to do what you want to do)

5. Pre-commit to practicing whatever it is that you want to be able to do for at least 20 hours.

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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

9 Reasons Why Performing Artists Should Stay Fit

6 Reasons Why Performing Artists Should Stay Fit

Maintaining your fitness as an artist should be a priority as exercising will not only help you to give a better performance it also has a lot of health benefits, from weight loss to disease prevention.

Staying fit can:

1  Improve Your Lungs and Breathing
Staying fit can improve lung power, which can also improve your singing ability; as your breathing techniques are essential when singing.

2  Improve Mood
Exercise does a lot more for our mental states than we think. It can make you feel better in yourself on a whole. And as a performing artists being in a good mood will help you to deliver your performance better, which will have a positive impact on your audience.

When you exercise something happens in your brain: a chemical to fight stress called endorphin is released and this change your mood and even make you happier.
These endorphins are like a drug that minimise discomfort and block the feeling of pain and it is even associated with a feeling of euphoria.

3 Increase Your Confidence
Exercise can increase your confidence, which you will need to perform infant of your fans.
Staying fit will also make you more optimistic and even reduce the symptoms of major depression in certain people.

4 Make You More Focus
Physical activities can strengthen your focus, boosts your decision-making skills and improves your memory. This is for artists in terms of remembering your set/queue and lyrics, whilst performing.

5 Improve Creativity
There are some great benefits to the creativity of an artist that stays fi:
Exercise will make you smarter, a better thinker, allow you to process information faster and even helps you pick up your productivity.

6 Increase Stamina
Staying fit will boost your energy levels and show a positive body language to your audience, and this will lead to a better physical interaction.
Giving a high-energy performance is a way of physically speaking to your audience, which is a way of transferring the musical energy to the fan.

With increased stamina you will be able to easily hype-up the crowed by jumping up and down, and also reach out to the fans on the far left and far right if its a big stage by running across stage.

7 Leave a Lasting Impression
Psychologically a high-energy performance always subconsciously leaves the audience feeling like they have been given their moneys worth.

People will remember your performance and your music because of the onstage visual performance you leave them with.

8 Controls Weight
Regular exercise has many benefits:
  Exercise helps you to burn calories
  The more you exercise, the less you need to reduce your food intake.
  Increasing your muscle mass
  Increase your metabolism
  Oxygenate your blood efficiently
  Deliver nutrients to your tissues
  Rev up your cardiovascular system
  Boost your circulation

Exercise also improves sleep quality. It can help you get a better night’s rest and leave you feeling ready to tackle the day

9 Combats Health Conditions and Disease
In general, people who exercise regularly are healthier and get sick less often. Regular workouts can help you prevent and manage many health problems, including:
  High blood pressure
  Cancer, including colon and breast cancer
  Type 2 diabetes
  Rheumatoid arthritis
  After following your exercise routine for a while, your heart and lungs won’t need to work as hard to function. This can give you more energy to propel you through your day.

By increasing your activity levels, you improve your blood circulation throughout your body and lower your risk of heart disease, including heart attacks.

Exercise also increases the number of white blood cells in your body. These are the cells that fight off pathogens, which can cause illness.

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